Payment Palns

By trying to fit your needs, we got prepared for you two options of how to managed Your Website:


“Self Managed Website” or “You can Pay monthly “


Self Managed Website

Self Managed Website

The concept of self-managed websites is to put you, the customer in control of your website, by providing a custom made website which the customer can manage themselves, without needing to understand website coding.The main duties You need to take care of, is security, optimization,backups, but also :

  • provide continuous and proper functioning of the site,
  • content updates, 
  • adding new articles
  • adding photos, news and other materials
  • content management
  • users management
  • software updates
  • and many other options, depending on the website destination …

For a person who is just starting the adventure with their own website, responsibilities above can be a little scary … Fortunately, most of the scripts on which we build the websites, has friendly content management system called – CMS, which allows the management of the website easy and friendly. CMS are selected individually for the needs of the service.

Of course, before we start your service, You will get appropriate training (up to 3 hours / at your home / via skype/), and Your website will go on-line only at the moment, when we will be sure that You will handle the operation and administration tasks.

After Your Website go on line, we provide free technical and information support for 14 days.

Pay Monthly

Pay Monthly

This times, a lot of people who running their own business has not much time to look after their company website.That’s why we provide Pay monthly option, where You can concentrate on Your work and we will do all the “nitty gritty” work for You. We will look after Your website from technical and security point of view.
Pricing will be discussed individually.